Tomb of the Serpent King Isometric Map

Tomb of the Serpent Kings Isometric Map

  • Tomb of the Serpent Kings isometric map

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What are the TotSK Isometric Maps?

Tomb of the Serpent Kings (aka TotSK) is the excellent OSR adventure “learning dungeon” written by Skerples ( TotSK came with a great classic style 2d dungeon map by Janon. I followed a tutorial on drawing isometric maps by Paths Peculiar ( to convert these 2d maps to a 3d isometric view. The elevation changes in the final sections really stand out in isometric!

TotSK Isometric Map Features:

  • Based on the Tomb of the Serpent Kings adventure by Skerples
  • High Resolution: 4850 x 3000px
  • Perfect for dropping into a VTT
  • Low pixilation when zoomed in for VTT tokens
  • 16in x 10in Full Size Print (2x 8.5×11)

Note from the Author:

“During the COVID-19 quarantine in the spring of 2020, I followed the Path’s tutorial to draw an isometric map for Skerple’s Tomb of the Serpent Kings in preparation for running my brother and his co-workers through it.  It was my first OSR game and my first TTRPG game since high school around 1999/2000.

Now those original maps have been scanned, cleaned up, and the missing rooms added!! And FREE!!”

– Andrew Duvall, Mar 2022
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