Clockwork-Bureaucrat Debt Collection Agency

Clockwork-Bureaucrat Debt Collection Agency

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What is Clockwork-Bureaucrat Debt Collection Agency?

Karilaz Winræd is a senile druid who lives alone in his crumbling hillside monastery.  He keeps to himself as he single-mindedly observes and catalogs the forest fauna, his life’s passion. Decades ago, supernatural powers of hierarchical organization were leased to Karilaz by a patron of the Order of Specificity from the Plane of Law.  Now, in his old age and decade of hermitage, he hasn’t keep up with his end of the bargain, and the Clockwork-Bureaucrat Debt Collection Agency has come to bring all accounts current.

Clockwork-Bureaucrat Features:

  • Mini Dungeon for low level characters
  • Low prep required
  • Easy to drop into existing campaigns
  • Stats for Old School Essentials are easy to convert to other OSR systems

Note from the Author:

A super weird one session encounter. What happens when a powerful wizard who has made a lifetime of deals with supernatural powers gets old and senile? What kind of debt collection agency would those powers use? Why does WotC own the exclusive IP rights to “Modron”?

Hopefully this module answers a few of those questions

– Andrew Duvall, May 2024
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