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Hexmap editor with autofill

Master of Realms is a very interesting new hex-based map editor that utilizes autofill assets for easy map making. I was sent a link to their website by one of the creators a few days ago, and when I checked out the site it looked incredibly cool.

I am a sucker for generative-fill mapping tools. I have previously used classic hex map editors like Worldographer and Hex Kit, as well as the generative-fill dungeon map maker Dungeon Alchemist. Master of Realms is like a mashup of those 2 type of application.

To create a regional map, all you have to do is select the category of tile (ie, walls, forest, city, etc) and click on the hexmap outline in the shape you want. Master of Realms then autofills those tiles with many variations of assets to create a dynamic landscape quickly. That is a huge time saver for folks who want a nice looking map without spending dozens of hours individually placing assets. It exports both 2d and 3d perspective images perfect for VTTs or printing out.

Speaking of export options…

3d Printer friendly export!

The final part of Master of Realms that looks super cool and something I haven’t seen in map tools in the past, 3d printer friendly 3d export of individual hexes! So I could build a regional map for my players using the generative fill, export it as individual hex pieces for my printer, and make a physical map for the table! The team behind Master of Realms are experienced 3d modellers and printers, so I’m super excited for this feature. There is even a commercial use license available, which is extra nice for fellow makers.

Disclaimer: The creators of Master of Realms reached out to me to look at Master of Realms. In the nature of full transparency, I was given a free copy on release and an affiliate code but Master of Realms has no editorial input nor contractual obligations on content.

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